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Honda Motorcycle Training School Manchester

Whether you're new to biking, want to upgrade your licence to ride a bigger bike or need a refresher to get back on two wheels, there's a course for you at the Honda School of Motorcycling.

Based at our motorcycle training centre in Stockport, we offer a relaxed, professional experience, designed to get you on the road quickly, safely and with the minimum of fuss, all for one price - with no hidden extras.

We provide everything you need to get started:

  • Honda training motorcycle or scooter hire
  • Motorcycle clothing and safety equipment
  • Full insurance
  • Fully qualified professional instructors
  • All test /CBT costs included
Honda School of Motorcycling

A choice of courses to suit you:

1) Getting on: Compulsory Basic Training (CBT)

Our Compulsory Basic Training course includes a mix of classroom, off road and on road tuition. Completed in one day, you will receive your CBT certificate.

Qualification: A valid CBT certificate allows a 16 year old to ride a moped. If you are 17 or older you can ride a motorcycle witha power output of up to 11Kw (14.6 bhp). You must display L plates and you cannot carry a passenger or go on motorways.

Cost: £129

2) Getting on: Honda Experience

The ideal way to get a taste of two wheels if you have never ridden before. Try a Honda scooter or 125cc motorcycle on a safe off road training area. Our instructors will take you through the controls and get you riding. Experience sessions last approximately 90 minutes and are a fun way to find out if motorcycling is for you.

Cost Weekdays: £49, Weekend Sessions: £59

3) Getting back on: Refresher course

If you already have a motorcycle licence but haven't ridden for a while then our 'Get Back On' course is ideal for you. Designed to refresh your skills and techniques and help to regain your confidence, our professional trainers will identify any strengths and weaknesses and work with you before you get back on the road.

Qualification: At the end of your session you will receive your own personal assessment form and Honda School of Motorcycling certificate.

Cost: £199

4) Getting On: Full Licence Course

Our most comprehensive course includes everything you need to qualify to ride the bike of your dreams. Bike, clothing and initial test fees are are all included* - No matter which licence you need, this is the course for you.

Qualification: Dependent on your age and the bike you want to ride, when you successfully complete or full licence course you will qualify for whichever of these licences is needed:

  • Category A1 licence - you can ride a motorcycle upto 125cc and 14.6bhp (11Kw).
  • Category A2 licence - Ride any motorcycle upto 47bhp, the perfect size bike for day-to-day use, general touring and with plenty of choice of suitable machines in the Honda range!
  • Category A licence: Category A licence holders can ride any size of machine, including sports machines, large adventure bikes and tourers.

Cost: £899

5) Stepping Up: Upgrade Licence Course

If you already have a valid CBT certificate and have been riding regularly for a while, then our 'Stepping Up' course is ideal for you. Includes all the training you need and your initial Mod 1 and Mod 2 tests**. In fact, everything you need to get your Full licence!

Qualification: As per our Full Licence Course.

Cost: £729*

* A reduced price of £599 applies if you want to uprgade from an A2 to a Full A licence as a result of 2 years qualification.
** If you fail either your Mod 1 or Mod 2 test your retest will be charged at the cost of the test together with one half day for training and attending the test.

Not sure which licence you need?

Check out our short guide to getting on the road, including the route to getting your motorcycle licence here ...

Want to book your training or find out more?

If you'd like to find out more about our motorcycle training courses please telephone us on 0845 490 0134. We'll be delighted to explain the options available and arrange everything for you quickly and efficiently. In a hurry? - call us today and you could be on the road next week!

Honda School of Motorcycling
Tel : 0845 490 0134

Motorcycle CBT Manchester

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